Should You Buy a GPS or Use a GPS App?


Getting around is much easier in this day and age than it used to be not so long ago. Now we have GPS units we can mount on the dashboards, and we can use our smartphones instead, due to the up-to-date, reliable GPS apps that keep us connected with what is happening on the road.



Why you should get a GPS unit

While you may be tempted to think that GPS manufacturers should throw in the towel, seeing that anyone with a smartphone can get directions to the destination they seek, without the need for a specialized unit, the truth is these dedicated road companions are still in high demand.

For starters, their larger screens are easier to use than those of smartphones. The standard screen diagonal size for a GPS unit is 4.3 inches or 5.5 inches, which is significantly larger than what a smartphone can offer. The largest models come with a 4-inch diagonal, so it is easy to spot the difference.

In regards to mounting the unit on your dashboard, GPS units come with dedicated mounts, unlike smartphones that are usually just placed on the seat next to the driver for lack of better options. Mounts are sold separately today, so this aspect is not a make or break issue, but it is still worth mentioning.


Why you should prefer a GPS app

Although there are significant advantages to enjoy when using a GPS unit, you should not neglect the fast growing importance of smartphones in our daily lives. A GPS app can offer you sophisticated features, such as up-to-date information on real-time traffic, gas prices and many other things that may make your driving experience more productive.

It is important to check on what connectivity features are offered before downloading such an app. For instance, the best RV GPS apps should be able to provide you with information on RV camps available on the road, as well as other RV-friendly facilities. Not to mention that the best routes should be displayed, as RVs have different requirements than other vehicles.



Another advantage is offered by the fact that your smartphone is always connected to the Internet. This means that you will be able to download maps as you go. There is no better way to stay up to date, but keep in mind that traveling to areas with no cellular reception will suspend this advantage.

Of course, you should not forget about the fact that you will not have to pay extra for a GPS unit if your smartphone fills in this role. Also, usually GPS apps are free to use, and they create no additional costs for you unless you want to pay for premium features.



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